NPOs often depend on funding/donations alone. This can be very bad when such donations dry up. NPOs need to pay attention to sustainability away from external funding. Lintle continues to mobilise collective fund-raising for those NPOs that are willing to participate with us. Our most important drive is currently the annual gala dinner “which is coordinated by Lintle. NPOs sell tickets and bring guests to the event. After all expenses have been paid off, the participating NPOs share the proceeds proportionate to the percentage of the tickets they sold. The gala presents a wonderful opportunity of working together in preparation to the event; for the NPOs to know each other more and appreciate the diversity of areas of involvement in the NPO arena as well as a real desire of supporting one another and referral system. The gala evening itself presents an opportunity for all of us to learn and grow together; for the supporters to see what their money gets busy doing throughout the year; for them to see more opportunities of greater involvement both at a personal and organisational level where this is possible. We trust that the gala dinner will grow from to strength but we also need to look at other avenues of collectively creating income for all the NPOs in the forum. We know that those who donate are also interested in seeing effort from the recipients. Moketa ho tsosoa o itekang!! (it is easier to help one who is playing their part in rising up)