NPO Support

Our most important input for NPO support is training, coaching and mentoring of the NPOs that allow us to. Together we form a formidable development force to be reckoned with in our space. In our outreach we have found some of the NPOs functioning without any form of registration and doing a great job. We have then helped them to get proper registration at Social Development.

Tumelo Home Support:

Here we painted the entire house, fitted tiles in some of the rooms where it was needed most. provided wall pictures to the otherwise very plain walls; built two wheel chair ramps, repaired some broken wheel chairs, replaced their singe door with a double door as requested by the home; provided them with groceries from time to time and brought some items for the aged.

Love In Action

Here we replaced an old vehicle with a new one for children to have  safe transport especially for their many soccer trips. We completed their house with the help of many funders including  Morula Sun Hotel and Casino. We had one of the biggest cleaning campaigns on these premises where we burnt and threw away many useless items brought to the home in the name of “donating”. Much of it was really “dumping”. The Love In Action Home is still not complete but we have come a long way with this project.


We have done a number of structural improvements on several other NPO’s buildings including Youth Alive Ministries in SOWETO. Various NPO’s received equipment including:Washing Machine, TV,Laptops,Printers, Freezer , Toys, clothing items, cleaning materials and office furniture.We have provided children with blankets and food items. We have also taken the children out to watch a play at the State Theater and had a great time with them.