Parents workshop are a vehicle through which we challenge parents to be involved in the lives of their children. Parents and NOT technology should shape the lives of the children. Love and not fear should rule in our homes and show in our schools, churches, broader community and the nation. The home we believe, remains the most important unit in nation building. A nation is as strong as its weakest family structure. We believe it is because the family is dysfunctional that we see bullying in our schools, stampede in our prisons, so much killing of one another, rape and all other unacceptable behaviours in our society. One by one we will influence and contribute towards building strong families based on sound values and displaying a strong moral fibre with respect to God, self and other

Our workshops are supposed to be continuous but we do face challenges of parents not attending regularly and thus loosing the continuity. we also need more facilitators and would like parents and school teachers to attend our facilitators training workshops as and when announced.